Today's Favorite Thing: A 'Suspiria'-Themed Bar Opens in Japan

Today's Favorite Thing: A 'Suspiria'-Themed Bar Opens in Japan

Jun 11, 2013


If you obsess over the H. R. Giger bar in Switzerland, or David Lynch's club Silencio, behold the Suspiria bar in Tokyo's Golden Gai district in Shinjuku. Dario Argento's 1977 phantasmagorical film about a ballet student at a prestigious dance academy in Germany who becomes drawn into a dark world of witches (set to a mystical, proggy soundtrack by Goblin) is a feast for the eyes.

Italian bar and grill Cambiare ("change" in Italian) has re-created Suspiria's lurid color scheme for their interior. The level of detail is incredible — right down to the psychedelic, floral wallpaper patterns and the stained glass accents, to that satanic-esque floor pattern from the apartment where the movie's unforgettable opening death scene takes place. So, we basically want to live there forever. And ever and ever. We're wondering how far the owners have taken the transformation.

Their Facebook page indicates that espresso, wine, beer and antipasto are on the menu. Do the drinks and dishes have goofy names that would make our eyes roll, but squeal like fangirls/boys? Is there a resident blind-man musician who plays the piano? Inquiring minds want to know. [via FEARnet]







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