Survivor Host Jeff Probst to Direct Indie Comedy 'Kiss Me'

Survivor Host Jeff Probst to Direct Indie Comedy 'Kiss Me'

Jan 11, 2012

Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor, the ancestor of all modern reality television, for twelve years straight. It's essentially all he's known for now, with most people forgetting there ever was a time where he did things other than hang out on tropical islands and snuff out people's hopes and dreams. Before the ubiquitous reality show turned into the cushiest job on the planet, though, Probst did spend some time behind the camera. He directed the 2001 indie flick Finder's Fee, which ended up being a nice stepping stone for star Ryan Reynolds, though it wasn't long before Probst left the filmmaking scene and returned to his hosting duties.

Well now Probst is looking to get back into the world of filmmaking with Kiss Me starring Sarah Bolger (In America, The Spiderwick Chronicles) and John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Hollywood Reporter describes the project as an indie coming-of-age drama written by Liz Sarnoff, a writer-producer on Lost, about "a teen named Zoe (Bolger) who is forced to wear a back brace to deal with her scoliosis. The story tracks Zoe as she navigates relationships with her mother, her best friend and a married man (Corbett) whose kids she babysits."

Production is set to begin this February, as the 24th (yes, 24th) season of Survivor begins airing.

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