Support This: A Zombie Documentary from the Makers of 'The People Vs. George Lucas'

Support This: A Zombie Documentary from the Makers of 'The People Vs. George Lucas'

Nov 19, 2012

From the filmmaker who dug deep into the Star Wars fandom phenomenon with The People Vs. George Lucas comes an in-depth look into zombie culture. Alexandre Philippe wants your help bringing Doc of the Dead into the spotlight, and he's offering a bunch of Kickstarter goodies to entice fans of flesh munchers everywhere. Before you roll your eyes, weary of our current zombie overload, this trailer for the project should inspire some excitement — or dread — focusing on our culture at large (bath salts!). Plus, how can you say no to Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg and zombie maestro George A. Romero?

"Doc of the Dead will host a rich and entertaining dialogue with zombie experts and celebrities, seek participation from YouTubers and indie filmmakers, and examine viral cultural trends to explore the possibility and ramifications of an actual zombie outbreak with sociologists, virologists, chemists and members of the Zombie Research Society," Philippe promises. The first teaser trailer confirms this is a documentary for the fans, which is why the Kickstarter angle makes a lot of sense, delivering a darkly comedic tone that sends legit chills up your spine when a few famous zombie "experts" deliver a mock disaster broadcast.

Twenty clams will get you a digital copy of the film, but there are plenty of other pledge rewards — like the chance to be a zombie in the film. The first video below has a message from the director and the teaser. Skip to the second video if you want to head straight to the trailer clip. [Spotted via BoingBoing]



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