'Superman Returns' Fan Edit Trailer: Is This Better Than Bryan Singer's Version?

'Superman Returns' Fan Edit Trailer: Is This Better Than Bryan Singer's Version?

Aug 04, 2011

It's always interesting to see what fans do with a property once it's gone through its theatrical and home video releases, and settled down in a comfy spot on someone's dusty DVD shelf for all eternity. Superman Returns is the kind of film that's a mixed bag. There are some great ideas and sequences in there, but it's surrounded by a lot of unnecessary fluff that ultimately holds the film down. While we await Zack Snyder's efforts with the next big-screen version of Superman (played by Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel, one Superman fan is spending that time on what he calls Superman Restored, which is a new cut of Superman Returns that shaves some stuff off and replaces it with scenes and moments that never made the final version.

Check out the trailer for the fan cut below ...

By way of our friends at Superman Homepage, here's editor Julian Francis Adderley discussing what he's done here:

"Okay, so a little background on the project. It originally started as a long planned SUPERMAN: THE DEFINITIVE CUT which was to combine Superman: The Movie and Superman II into one film respectively. I wasn't content with how it was coming along and decided to abandon it in favour of attempting to "fix" what I saw were inherit problems with Superman Returns.

I was already aware of the mountain of material that was not included in the theatrical release including the return to Krypton sequence as well as all the other deleted scenes on DVD. However, there are still missing elements that have yet to be released including the original opening of the film which began in a movie theatre with Tristan Lake Lebeau's voice over, similar to the text prologue that exists now, featuring clips from Superman: The Movie. This would have segwayed into the reveal of Krypton, the opening titles and the crystal ship. Also still missing is a scene involving Clark Kent running down the alley ripping open his shirt only to discover that he isn't wearing the red and blue underneath and is forced to return to the Daily Planet closet to change. Yes, this is the often talked about scene of Superman "coming out of the closet". A shot of it does exist on the Superman documentary by Ken Burns but there is hardly enough material to restore that sequence with any sense of dramatic flow. In the end, they decided to digitally superimpose the shield over his chest negating the need for these shots.

Now, there have already been a lot of fan edits of Superman Returns. Most of which are easily available on fanedit.org. Most of them aren't very good and by that I simply mean that they're done with very little care into making the changes seamless. A lot of that has to do with audio. Using mixed material is quite a challenge and most fans are content to simply slap in or cut out the material they want with very little care to the overall flow. However, my goal with this version of the film was to make as many, if not all, of the alterations as smooth and unnoticeable as possible. I can't say that the film runs any faster or is more intense than what was released. Unfortunately after putting this version together I came to the conclusion that the filmmakers had, right or wrong, set out to tell a very bloated and laborous story that is almost impossible to get around without excising massive amounts of story material which exist to create the overall structure. What I can say is that this version does allow you to more strongly connect with Superman/Clark Kent and understand him more throughout his emotional journey.

If you were never interested in that story then this film was never for you. If you were but felt that the film lacked an even stronger character arc then you will probably find this fan edit a more satisfying experience."

Makes us want to see the film again. What do you think? Is this a version of Superman Returns that you'd like to watch?

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