Watch: Trailer for HBO's 'Superheroes' - A Documentary About Real-Life Costumed Crime Fighters

Watch: Trailer for HBO's 'Superheroes' - A Documentary About Real-Life Costumed Crime Fighters

Aug 04, 2011

Premiering on HBO this Monday, Superheroes follows several real-life people who dress up in handmade superhero outfits and take to the streets in an effort to make the world a better (and safer) place. The documentary arrives at the perfect time, too, right at the tail end of a superhero-heavy summer movie season, and during a period where the actions of these so-called costumed heroes are reported on almost daily -- from who got their nose broken, to which one was arrested for disturbing the peace, it's definitely a topic the American public seems interested in ... for now.

Our doc expert (and Doc Talk columnist) Christopher Campbell reviewed the film when it premiered at Slamdance back in January, saying:

"Often 'Superheroes' comes off as also being more about the problems of the world than the costumed crusaders on screen. Through people like "Zetaman," "Life," "Mr. Extreme" and the simply named "Super Hero," we are made to think about the issues of homelessness and violent crime, as well as police corruption and bureaucracy that lead to the necessity for these RLSHs to pop up in cities across the nation.

One thing I found especially fascinating is the backgrounds and origins of these heroes, for the most part unlike the humdrum or fantastical sorts of movies and comic books. Many of them come from bad homes and histories of gang life, depression and/or addiction. Others are inspired by tragedies that could have been averted if the majority of people weren't such apathetic cowards -- another serious concern the documentary addresses."

Check out the trailer for the doc below, along with a few solo character previews ...


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