Superhero Roundup: Wonder Woman's Future, 'Days of Future Past' Teaser, and Batman's New Batsuits

Superhero Roundup: Wonder Woman's Future, 'Days of Future Past' Teaser, and Batman's New Batsuits

Jan 24, 2014

Gal GadotWho’s ready for some superhero news? Hopefully everyone reading answered “I am!” because I’ve got three things to share today and they all involve characters with extraordinary powers and questionable fashion sense.

We kick things off with some Wonder Woman news. The announcement that Israeli actress Gal Gadot had been cast as the character received mixed reaction from Internet fanboys – and those who were displeased will be even more unhappy today.

It's been revealed that Gadot has now been signed to play the lasso-twirling Amazon in three upcoming films: Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and a stand-alone Wonder Woman title. According to sources, Warner Bros. is getting the actress at a bargain basement price – a measly $300 grand per feature. That’s borderline insulting, should Gadot wow audiences and headline her very own film.

At any rate, get ready for a healthy dose of the actress over the next few years – because it appears she’s totally locked in as Wonder Woman for the foreseeable future. [via Variety]

X-Men reveals scheduled for January 27

If you’re yearning for more insight into Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, then you’ll want to clear you calendar on Monday, because the director is promising an entire day of surprises from the new film courtesy of Empire magazine.

To whet everyone’s appetite, Singer shared this Instagram video featuring footage from the film, which looks awesome. Check it out below. [via Comic Book Movie]

Batman vs. Superman Batsuit rumors take the Internet by storm

Another day, another Batman vs. Superman story – it’s going to be a long wait for 2016 at this rate, and I’m starting to wonder if there’ll be anything left to discuss by the time we hit March of this year.

The latest rumors to have fanboys all atwitter is that Ben Affleck will don not one but two Batsuits in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film. Latino Review broke the news that Affleck will sport a traditional grey and blue outfit (similar in style to the Jim Lee comics and the old Adam West series), and that he’ll also have an armored suit that’s more in line with the recent Chris Nolan films. I’ll let Latino Review describe what this outfit will allegedly look like:

“According to the source, the plating is silver/white. The plates are attached to a black undercloth. The plates doesn’t cover his entire body. We see the black undercloth at the joints. Supposedly, it looks incredible. Equally, or maybe even better-looking than the other suit and it’s leagues above and beyond Bale’s suit from what I’m told.”

Not sure I’m sold on this whole silver/white plating thing. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it, but maybe it will all make sense once we finally see a photo of it (if it actually exists).

Speculation is that we might get a glimpse at the new Bat costumes sometime in February or March. [via JoBlo]





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