Watch: How Many Superhero Movies Can You Name?

Watch: How Many Superhero Movies Can You Name?

Apr 25, 2012

Seems that everyone is all atwitter with the magic of superhero movies these days. Especially ON the Twitter. Take my pal known as The Sleepy Skunk, for example. She thought it would be cool to simply mash together a whole bunch of her favorite superhero moments and then set the mayhem to a Weezer song she likes. I watched about one-third of the 4.5-minute clip and I tweeted her back with "don't list the movies just yet. Let's run it on the site as little game." Also I thought her editing was solid and her choice of "hero shots" was rather excellent.

So voila. Here is Sleepy Skunk's "Movies That Come to the Rescue" Compilation. If you can make up a full list, put it in the comments section below and/or throw a tweet to Skunky, myself, and (especially) MoviesDotCom. Enjoy!

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