Check Out These Cool, Freaky Superhero Fetuses

Check Out These Cool, Freaky Superhero Fetuses

Sep 20, 2011

Before all of you fanboys out there start screaming at us for being factually inaccurate ("Um, duh -- Batman wasn't born in his costume moron!"), let us just say that these were specifically created for the Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture show that's currently taking place at the Halle Saint-Pierre museum in Paris, France.

French artist Alexandre Nicolas put together these cool, freaky (and definitely trippy) superhero fetuses and encased them in blocks of synthetic crystal. We're not sure how many of them are actually on display, but some of the ones featured include Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Catwoman, Superman, The Thing and The Silver Surfer. For those interested in his non superhero-related fetuses, there's also a really creepy one for Hitler on his website. (And yes, he rocks the mustache while inside the womb.)

Check out some of our favorites below, and more over at the artist's official site. This particular exhibit will run through March 2012. [via Alison Nastasi, via My Modern Met]

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