Watch: 'Superhero Depression' Shows the Downside of Superpowers

Watch: 'Superhero Depression' Shows the Downside of Superpowers

Jul 25, 2013

It’s the dream of practically every comic book fan – waking up one day with your very own superpowers. How awesome would it be to have X-ray vision, the ability to fly, or superhuman strength? Pretty damn awesome in our daydreams, but the reality might not be so fantastic if we believe this cool, new short film entitled Superhero Depression.

Filmmaker Andrew McMurry’s short looks at the downsides of having Superman-esque strength. Sure, it’s great to be able to toss around cars, but you’d have to be really mindful of how you use that strength in everyday situations, like opening doors, typing on your keyboard, or most importantly, shaking other people’s hands.

There’s a bit of a Hancock vibe to Superhero Depression, but that’s okay because it mirrors the parts of Hancock that were actually interesting (a guy struggling with his powers) and skips the stuff that wasn’t (the origin story behind it all).

Have a look at the short below, then check out some of McMurry’s other offerings, like Real Life Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft: Zombie Attack.

[via Kotaku]


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