Superhero Buzz: Zack Snyder Hints At Next Solo 'Superman' Film; Warner Bros. to Make Fewer Movies

Superhero Buzz: Zack Snyder Hints At Next Solo 'Superman' Film; Warner Bros. to Make Fewer Movies

Apr 06, 2016

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only in its second week of release, there's still a lot to talk about with the superhero blockbuster. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it just neutral discussion of the movie. Here's the latest on the continued box office topper:

Solo Superman

Superman started what's now the DC Extended Universe mega-franchise with Man of Steel, and he'll be appearing in the two Justice League movies, but when will he get another chance at a solo movie? In the IGN video below, producer Charles Roven says there's one in consideration but nothing scheduled at the moment. Superman actor Henry Cavill claims they're waiting to see how Batman v Superman does. And Zack Snyder says they just need a great script. But Snyder also hints that they decided not to announce a new Superman movie because it would undermine the ending of Batman v Superman. So just be patient, apparently.


Rethinking the Batman v Superman "Knightmare"

For those who've seen Batman v Superman, were you confused by Batman's dream where he's in the future fighting Superman and parademons and then wakes up inside of another dream where The Flash visits him from the future? Have you figured it all out now thanks to the internet? Well, the movie's storyboard artist, Jay Olivia, thinks we've all got it wrong, still. Here's what he said on the Hall of Justice podcast recently (via Geek Tyrant):

What if what you saw was a Time Boom, a latent memory from the future when Flash comes back? If you look at the cut, he doesn’t go to sleep! He’s waiting for the [Lexcorp file decryption] and suddenly this [Knightmare sequence] comes in, and he’s jogged out of it seeing his own death. And what does he see? He sees Flash. And if you’re a DC fan, you know what’s happening. You know that Flash going back in time, that memory is now coming back to him… mind you, it’s jumbled.

The more interesting thing Olivia suggest, though, is that The Flash probably is not referring to Superman in his mysterious line:

And remember, when Flash goes back in time, he tells him ‘you were right about him.’ He doesn’t say exactly who ‘him’ is. The average audience member, and even Bruce Wayne, is going to think that he’s right about Superman, when in fact he’s referring to someone else.

We'll presumably have to wait for one of the Justice League movies to find out for sure.


Warner Bros. Rethinks Release Slate

Don't worry, Warner Bros. isn't about to decrease its slate of superhero movies. The slightly disappointing box office showing so far of Batman v Superman ($700m worldwide is not quite as much as they'd hoped with a movie this big) is not making the studio rethinking the DC Extended Universe. They don't even plan changes to Justice League - Part One, which begins shooting this month. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, they are looking at lowering their production output on other movies. It won't just be DC, Lego Movie and Harry Potter spinoff stuff, but that appears to be the core concentration going forward.

As further indication that Warner Bros. has no intention of pulling back on its DC franchise, they've just announced dates for two more, currently unknown/untitled installments and moved Wonder Woman up a couple weeks. Perhaps one of the new dates is for that solo Superman movie that everyone is so sketchy about above? 




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