Watch: The Cast of 'Superbad' (Plus Paul Rudd) Read Through a Dirty Sex Scene

Watch: The Cast of 'Superbad' (Plus Paul Rudd) Read Through a Dirty Sex Scene

Mar 06, 2012

If you're at all familiar with the way movies are pieced together, then you'll know that prior to stepping in front of the camera the cast gathers together for at least one table reading, where they sit around a table -- sometimes in front of an audience -- and read through the script in order to flesh out lines, see what's working and not working, etc. Unfortunately we don't get to see many of these table reads, which while not as entertaining as the finished product, are still fun to watch for fans because quite often these reads include lines and scenes that never made it into the movie.

Such is the case with this table read for the film Superbad. In the video below, you'll see the primary cast -- Seth Rogen, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Emma Stone and Martha MacIsaac -- reading through the awkward sex scene between Cera and MacIsaac that, in this draft at least, contained way more profanity than what eventually wound up in the film. Also of note here is Paul Rudd randomly reading as the other cop Bill Hader would eventually play in the film.

Check out the scene reading below, as well as the scene between Cera and MacIsaac as it appeared in the movie.

Note: Both videos contain large amounts of profanity and are NSFW.

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