Superb Thai Thriller '13: Game of Death' to be Remade by 'Last Exorcism' Director

Superb Thai Thriller '13: Game of Death' to be Remade by 'Last Exorcism' Director

Sep 12, 2011

13 Game of DeathEven though I'm the type of person who doesn't think remakes are a plague on cinema, it's not often that I get actively excited about the prospects of one.  This, though... this is something I can really get behind: The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm will direct a remake of 13: Game of Death, one of the coolest horror movies to emerge from a recent wave of Thai cinema.  

It's about an average Joe who, immediately after losing a job, receives a phone call stating that he'll win some money if he eats the fly buzzing around his head.  He then finds himself lured into a high stakes game operated by an unseen party where he keeps earning more and more money as he completes 13 increasingly morally bankrupt tasks.  

13: Game of Death a highly entertaining thriller/dark comedy with some very memorable moments and I've actually been hoping it would get a remake.  I'd love for everyone to see the original instead, but it's the kind of movie I just know American audiences would eat up were it ever remade (the Weinstein Company failed to get a remake off the ground a few years ago).  And Stamm, who knows how to play with the borders of what's real and what isn't, is a very interesting match for the material.

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