Superman Bashes Thor and Wolverine Meets the Predator in These Nerdy 'Super Power Beat Down' Videos

Superman Bashes Thor and Wolverine Meets the Predator in These Nerdy 'Super Power Beat Down' Videos

Aug 09, 2013

Wolverine in Super Power Beat DownIt’s a conversation that has fueled comic shop debates since the birth of the industry: who would win in a fight? While there are no definitive answers (these are fictional characters, after all), Aaron Shoenke has made an earnest (and awesome!) attempt at settling some of these age-old arguments with his video series Super Power Beat Down.

In the series of elaborately crafted live-action videos, some of the biggest names in geek culture throw down for your amusement. Today, we feature two shorts from the series – one that has super titans Thor and Superman going mano y mano, and another featuring Wolverine taking on the Predator.

We kick things off with Superman and Thor – a battle for the ages between two seemingly indestructible heroes. The Last Son of Krypton vs. the God of Thunder. It’s an epic showdown, as you’d probably expect, but it does sort of highlight the problems with the characters. How do you determine a winner in a case where both guys are so overpowered that almost nothing hurts them?

Shoenke never gives us a completely satisfying answer as to who’s the victor in this one, so the debate will undoubtedly rage on (although fan votes gave Superman the nod by almost two to one), but determining the winner is probably less important than just kicking back and watching the spectacle of these superpowered icons going toe-to-toe. Have a gander for yourself and see if you agree.

Of the two videos, the Wolverine vs. the Predator is more interesting. This a good geek pairing – with the most feared hunter in the galaxy running afoul of the mutant with the insane healing ability and wicked Adamantium claws.

Sure, Wolverine’s healing ability makes this fight a bit unfair, but watching these two icons exchange blows is entertaining. Shoenke and crew really did an excellent job with the costumes, especially the Predator, which looks amazing.

Check out more of these videos on the Machinima YouTube Channel and let us know who you think would win these battles. 


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