Exclusive: Mysterious Super 8 Film Reel Reveals More About the Film's Creature

Exclusive: Mysterious Super 8 Film Reel Reveals More About the Film's Creature

Jun 02, 2011

We haven't heard much about the mysterious Super 8 film reels being sent around to various sites since back in April when both Slashfilm and First Showing each received one. But today one arrived at Movies.com headquarters, adding one more piece to a puzzle that will surely be solved by June 10th, when Super 8 hits theaters.

Our reel was like the others, a brief snippet of some sort of behind-the-scenes lab video where some doctor-type is holding up a piece of what they claim are soil samples exclaiming that it must be from the creature's home planet. That leads us to believe that the monster in Super 8 is not from earth, or at least they don't believe it's from this planet.

Once each video arrives it unlocks another segment in the full video, which is playing over at s8editingroom.com. We've been told that the video below will go up there sometime later today. In addition to that, a new viral website as been launched for Super 8 over at super8secret.com. Not much there, but it comes with the following question: What is the #Super8Secret? with Twitter and Facebook buttons underneath. They want you to spread the word, and we assume it all starts here.

Check out the video below, and follow the viral campaign via s8editingroom.com and super8secret.com. Oh, and see Super 8 in theaters on June 10th.


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