Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of Super 8?

Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of Super 8?

Jun 10, 2011


It's being billed as the only original blockbuster this summer, which is either a good thing for moviegoers who want something that isn't a sequel, remake, reboot or adaptation, or a bad thing for the studio because moviegoers are so used to being able to connect their blockbusters to an existing product that they may skip this sucker all together. Hopefully many of you don't skip it, though, because we need more original ideas in theaters over the summer movie season, and it's hard to ignore a film that boasts J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg among its creators.

Super 8 arrives in theaters this weekend with a lot of buzz on its tail, starring a mysterious monster that, surprisingly, hasn't shown its freaky face in any of the pre-release marketing, which is extremely rare these days. But now that you've seen the film, was it all worth it? While its vintage-Spielberg vibe may sit better with those who grew up during the Amblin Entertainment era, what about those who didn't? Was there enough in this film to entertain, or did Abrams miss the mark?  

Sound off below with your thoughts on Super 8 ...

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