Sundance Dispatch #11: Park City and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Weather

Sundance Dispatch #11: Park City and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Weather

Jan 25, 2012

After spending a couple of days wandering around Park City and attempting to get the lay of the land, tragedy struck: it turns out that there’s a lot of snow in Utah in January, and it can make the experience of getting around pretty unpleasant. In the morning, I saw The Words, an uninspiring drama starring Dennis Quaid, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, but afterward, that great big snowblower in the sky decided that it wasn’t going to let up until the entire town was blanketed in white (more than it already it is by Caucasians), and every article of clothing I owned (including both pairs of shoes) was thoroughly soaked.

The afternoon was spent being productive, contributing reviews and other content to a variety of websites. Realizing that I’d left the house earlier without showering, I decided I’d clean myself up and look presentable for the night’s activities. So I showered, shaved, and made myself pretty, and just 50 feet down the street from my condo, I slipped and fell ass-first into a gigantic, muddy puddle. While I was none too pleased to have soaked my backside while I was on my way to interviews with the likes of Sean Penn, I admit I was more concerned that I’d gotten my sweater wet, which was – gasp! - dry clean only (hey, looking as good as film critics always do takes some care and effort).

The worst part of the experience was the fact that Penn, star of the film This Must Be The Place, never showed up for the interviews press were doing, thanks yet again to the weather. (Special appreciation must go out to Brandon Rowher, who bravely faced restless journalists and had to inform them they wouldn’t be getting any news from the former star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.) But afterward I returned home, and threw my clothes into the dryer, figuring I could move on and make the best of a bad afternoon. Unfortunately, Yahweh had other plans for me, and no sooner had I stepped back out into the snow than some jackass in a pickup truck drove by splashing me with a tidal wave of snow and mud. So much for staying clean and dry!

Afterward, I saw the new film Wrong by Quentin Dupieux, who made the sleeper 2011 hit Rubber, and it was a bizarrely gratifying little piece of entertainment. But by the time I queued up for my last screening of the day, the midnight movie Black Rock, I’d run out of energy and patience, and the horror film directed by Katie Aselton proved far too conventional to repair the soul-killing sequence of events that I previously endured. Hoping that the next day would be better, I returned home for some late-night writing, and tried to figure out where a dry cleaners was so I could drop my sweater off in the morning.


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