Sundance in 60 Seconds: Tracy Morgan Hospitalized; ‘Black Rock’ and ‘The Words’ Picked Up; 'V/H/S' Scares the Roof Off

Sundance in 60 Seconds: Tracy Morgan Hospitalized; ‘Black Rock’ and ‘The Words’ Picked Up; 'V/H/S' Scares the Roof Off

Jan 23, 2012

Black Rock

Actor Tracy Morgan collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Park City last night. He was attending the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards, where he was honored with an award, and was leaving the building when he fell unconscious. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The business logjam for narrative features began to break yesterday, according to Thompson on Hollywood, with two distribution deals announced and more on the way.

Black Rock (pictured above), which debuted Saturday night, closed a deal a few hours later with a new company called LD Entertainment. The film is a low-budget thriller intended for “smart audiences,” perhaps meaning those who might have seen The Freebie, the first feature from Black Rock writer/director/star Katie Aselton. She stars alongside Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell as visitors to an island off the coast of Maine who run into trouble in the woods.

Less surprising is the news that The Words got picked by CBS Films, no doubt helped by the name talent in the lead roles -- Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons -- and a relatively modest budget. The company plans a fall release for the drama, which had already been selected as the closing night presentation.

In contrast, Beasts of the Southern Wild features non-professional actors and is said to be a challenging, unique work. Yet buzz has been extremely positive since its first screening, and Fox Searchlight is among the distributors who are reportedly interesting in the title.

In an unusual twist, HBO will adapt the documentary Indie Game: The Movie into a fictional, half-hour comedy series. The doc, which premiered at Sundance on Friday, follows four indie video game developers; producer Scott Rudin will be involved in developing the series. (Indiewire)

Sunday night's midnight movie was the anthology horror V/H/S, probably the section's most anticipated film because of the great up-and-coming horror filmmakers (Ti West, Adam Wingard, David Bruckner) involved. Here are some of the post-screening Tweets:

"Not super stoked about found footage films, but V/H/S is super fun and mostly supernatural horror, by the way" - @EricVespe

"V/H/S - Holy sh*t freakin' freaky awesome! Six insanely creepy found-footage horror films rolled into one. Don't think I'll be able sleep!" -- @FirstShowing

"V/H/S has some real fun and scary-ass moments. -- @JHoffman6

"Honestly, V/H/S is a portable haunted house. It needs to be in every theater this Halloween. A 1000X more fun than Paranormal Activity." -- @Aaron_Morgan

"V/H/S is such a good f**king time" -- @JenYamato

"V/H/S has some pretty terrific scares in it. I covered my eyes a few times, by which I mean most of the time." -- @MTGilchrist

"V/H/S is the scariest horror anthology in years. Some nice found footage scares. -- @Slashfilm " -- @Slashfilm -

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*additional reporting by Erik Davis

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