Sundance in 60 Seconds: Real-Life Sexual Catcalls; Weather Buzz; Hospitalized Vet; Twitter Talk

Sundance in 60 Seconds: Real-Life Sexual Catcalls; Weather Buzz; Hospitalized Vet; Twitter Talk

Jan 22, 2012


Movie Sparks Anger: Even before the post-screening Q&A for Craig Zobel’s charged drama Compliance began, one attendee complained loudly that the movie made “violence against women entertaining.” During the Q&A itself, actress Dreama Walker, who appears partially nude in the film, was subjected to catcalls of a sexual nature from audience members. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Weather Outside: Screenings continued all day on Saturday, even though long-time attendee Drew McWeeny reported: “I think it's official... this is the heaviest I've ever seen it snow at Sundance.” Later in the day, another attendee named Teeney Hood wryly observed: “I understand why people just give up and let themselves die in the snow,” while writer Mike Ryan tweeted: “The snow at Sundance is so bad and my hotel is so far away, if someone offered me a dead Taun Taun to sleep in, I'd accept.” (Twitter)

Indie Vet Hospitalized: A respected, longtime member of the independent film community, Bingham Ray, in town early for the fest, suffered two strokes on Thursday and remains hospitalized in a Provo hospital. Ray has worked in a variety of capacities over the years; he currently serves as executive director of the San Francisco Film Society. (Thompson on Hollywood)

Twitter Talk: In which we present a grab bag of observations from critics, friends, and random informed strangers.

“INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE is beautifully shot & full of drama. No higher aspirations than a riveting inside look. Mission accomplished.” (Brian Kelley)

“Rick Alverson's THE COMEDY is a hilariously incisive dismantling of hipster culture, white privilege, and mumblecore. Awesome.” (Hammer to Nail)

“I love how the Park City NPR affiliate unironically gives a lost-and-found property report every morning.” (Shawn Levy)

“LAY THE FAVORITE knows so little about gambling that it completely contradicts its own math logic during the final bet.” (Erik Childress)

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