Sundance in 60 Seconds: 'V/H/S,' ‘Liberal Arts,’ 'Robot and Frank,' and ‘Arbitrage’ Acquired; Horror Movie Midnight Fainting Spell, Twitter Buzz

Sundance in 60 Seconds: 'V/H/S,' ‘Liberal Arts,’ 'Robot and Frank,' and ‘Arbitrage’ Acquired; Horror Movie Midnight Fainting Spell, Twitter Buzz

Jan 26, 2012

Liberal Arts

Distribution Deals: The crowds began to thin out yesterday, as industry professionals returned home and most films had screened at least once, but the deals have not slowed, with three more announced and others still in negotations.

V/H/S. An anthology created by six filmmakers in the found-footage horror sub-genre that has inspired at least one fainting spell (see item below). Magnolia Pictures picked up North American rights and plans to release it in theaters in the fall, followed by a Video On Demand rollout. (Deadline)

Liberal Arts. Josh Radnor’s comedy (pictured above), which he wrote, directed, and produced; he also stars with Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, and Allison Janney. Acquired by IFC Films, which plans a theatrical release later this year. (Indiewire)

Robot and Frank. A robot is befriended by a retired jewel thief (Frank Langella) who is losing his memory; directed by Jake Schreier. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and Samuel Goldwyn Films are partnering to acquire the film. (Indiewire)

Arbitrage. Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth and Brit Marling star in a Wall Street-themed thriller directed by Nicholas Jarecki. Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions are partnering to acquire U.S. distribution rights for a reported $2 million. (Thompson on Hollywood)

Horror Fainting Spell: Found-footage horror anthology V/H/S, which debuted to sensational reviews over the weekend (it was also just acquired by Magnolia Pictures late last night with a plan to debut on VOD before expanding into theaters), had a repeat screening late on Tuesday night that caused one patron to faint and his companion to become ill. Alas, altitude sickness and alcohol were the culprits, not the movie. (Los Angeles Times)

Twitter Talk: While the industry pros may have been fleeing the snow, mobs of intrepid bloggers, film critics, and passionate moviegoers kept the buzz going.

"'Why is Lady Gaga?' Sean Penn is oddball incredible as a retired rock star in first hour of the uneven THIS MUST BE THE PLACE." @IndieFocus (Mark Olsen, film critic)

"My pants are wet, which means I enjoyed V/H/S." @djmecca (DJ Mecca)

"V/H/S: 'Found Videotape' horror film has too high a ratio of gore & padding to scares & character. Coulda been a lot Betta, Max." @jamesrocchi (James Rocchi, film critic)

""Shut Up And Play the Hits" is the first popular band documentary, and concert film, for the VOD generation." @mattdentler (Matt Dentler, indie industry veteran)

"Marina Abramovic doc now officially fave film of . Big ovation but I think audience reaction was split." @TrixieFilms (Therese Shechter)

"BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is why I love movies. A cinematic wonder that worked over every one of my emotions with ease." @BTSJunkie (Brian Kelley, film critic)

"You know, Bradley Cooper actually LOOKS like a plagiarist. ." @shawnlevy (Shawn Levy, film critic)


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