March Movie Madness Tournament: Which Summer Movie will Rule Them All? (Region 2 - Round Three)

March Movie Madness Tournament: Which Summer Movie will Rule Them All? (Region 2 - Round Three)

Apr 03, 2012

Kentucky? Kansas? You can have them. We’re busy battling through the upcoming Summer blockbuster season to figure out which movie is going to win our March Movie Madness Tournament.

We’re down to the Elite Eight, thanks to your votes. All four No. 1 seeds have survived, but now they’ll face their toughest challenges from some surprising contenders.

This started when we ranked 32 anticipated titles into four Regions, then further ranked those titles into seeds numbering 1 through 8. Each day, a new Region opened to voting. Victors will advance until a champion is crowned on April 20.

Now, it’s up to you. Consider all factors – Quality, Critical Response, Box Office – before picking a movie. Cast your vote, and help us figure out which movies are moving on to compete in the Final Four. Then check back often to see how your favorite movie did.

Region 2 -- Round Three

(1) Prometheus vs. (2) G.I. Joe: Retaliation

John Hillcoat’s period crime thriller Lawless, set during the Prohibition era, gave G.I. Joe: Retaliation a run for its money in Round Two, but couldn’t knock the brawny sequel out of the race. So The Rock, Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum will take on Sir Ridley Scott’s return to science-fiction, Prometheus, in a fight to make the Final Four. Both films have their clear-cut audiences, and it’s very possible that the Summer popcorn crowd could flood the ballot boxes in favor of the Joe. But so far, everything we’ve seen regarding Scott’s potential Alien prequel looks epic, and so I more than expect to see the No. 1 seeded Prometheus advancing to the Final Four as the tournament rolls on. 

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