Infographic: The 2013 Summer Box Office Summed Up in One Image Infographic: The 2013 Summer Box Office Summed Up in One Image

Aug 27, 2013

Now that all of the summer movies are in theaters, it's time to reflect, remember and count up every last penny. Which movies represented summer's biggest winners and losers? In this exclusive infographic, we try to tie a nice little bow around this year's summer movie season by recapping the bigger statistics, as well as how they relate to a particular star's entire career. 

You'll see that while comic book movies and sequels dominated the box office, it was the smaller movies -- like Before Midnight and Mud -- that won over critics the most. Additionally, no movie came close to Back to the Future's record of eight consecutive weeks at the top of the box office, with three movies barely managing to stay on top for two weeks in a row. 

Most fascinating, however, may be the bottom chart analyzing the summer box office trend for four major stars: Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. You may be surprised to see who can still open a big summer movie and who may need to set up shop in a different season. 

Check out all the nerdy stats below (click image to enlarge)...


[infographic designed by John LaRue]




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