New Study Shows 3D Movies Make Over 50% of Audience Members Feel Like Barfing

New Study Shows 3D Movies Make Over 50% of Audience Members Feel Like Barfing

Feb 22, 2013

3D movie audienceIn news that surprises absolutely no one, a study recently conducted by Angelo Solmini of the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of Rome has proven that movie viewers are 54.8% more likely to want to puke after watching a movie in 3D -- and it's not just because the ticket prices are so outrageous. Maybe theaters should start putting airsick (or medium popcorn) bags on the backs of seats. Also, be warned – there’s science jargon ahead.

Solmini performed a prospective carryover observational study where viewers self-reported incidences of motion sickness while watching traditional 2D films and 3D features. A standardized “Simulator Sickness Questionnaire” was given to 497 adults after viewing each film. The results demonstrated that 54.8% reported some sickness (higher than 15 on the SSQ) after viewing a 3D feature, comparable to 14.1% after a 2D feature. Even worse, “symptom intensity” was 8.8 times higher than the baseline in the wake of watching a film in three dimensions, much higher than the traditional format’s two-times-higher mark.

Based on the data, Solmini has offered this (pretty obvious) conclusion:

Seeing 3D movies can increase rating of symptoms of nausea, oculomotor and disorientation, especially in women with susceptible visual-vestibular system. Confirmatory studies which include examination of clinical signs on viewers are needed to pursue a conclusive evidence on the 3D vision effects on spectators.”

We suspect the number of nauseous movie lovers will only increase as 48 fps features merge with 3D and become more prevalent in the future, though many also welcome the new technology and aren't bothered by it. 

Will this info convince Hollywood that maybe making half of its potential audience want to hurl isn’t in its best interest? Probably not – we suspect it will keep pushing 3D as long someone will go see it, and hopefully filmmakers will continue to find ways to make 3D more immersive and less vomit-inducing.

Does 3D make you wanna barf? Do you always chose the 2D version when given the option? Share with us below.


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