New Study Reveals Movie Trailers Are Showing Too Much, but People Don't Seem to Mind

New Study Reveals Movie Trailers Are Showing Too Much, but People Don't Seem to Mind

May 02, 2013

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In news that should be surprising to absolutely no one, a new survey finds that half of movie viewers think trailers give away all the best scenes in a movie. What’s next, a survey that discovers most people find visiting the dentist unpleasant?

According to results from a recent YouGov Omnibus study, 49 percent of interviewees feel that trailers give away too much these days. 16 percent of the respondents strongly agreed with the sentiment. One would think this might convince Hollywood to stop giving away endings and all the big action set pieces in their preview clips, but not so fast…

While nearly half of all respondents think trailers show off all the really cool stuff in an upcoming feature, only 19 percent said that made them less interested in seeing the full film. Twenty-four percent said it actually made them want to see the movie more. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The study also revealed that trailers are still the biggest influence when it comes to getting audiences to the theater. Forty-eight percent of the people interviewed said it was the most important factor in convincing them to see a film, while 46 percent cited personal recommendations.

So, even though trailers are spoiling all the best parts of movies months before we ever get to sit down in a theater, it looks like at least half the people out there don’t really mind. With the proliferation of social media, maybe we’re reaching a point where spoilers don’t really matter – or simply are no longer avoidable while staying connected to the rest of the world. Maybe I’m a dinosaur from a different era, but that kind of sucks.

What do you think? Are trailers too spoilery? Does a preview that shows off all the film’s biggest and best moments make you not want to plunk down $10 to see it? Partake in our totally nonscientific survey by leaving your thoughts below.

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