Studios Behind 'The Hunger Games' and 'Twilight' May Join Forces Soon

Studios Behind 'The Hunger Games' and 'Twilight' May Join Forces Soon

Nov 29, 2011

Two of Hollywood's biggest independent film studios, Lionsgate and Summit, are currently in talks to discuss the possibility of a merger. With Lionsgate gearing up to release The Hunger Games and Summit holding all the cards of the Twilight franchise, the deal could mean interesting. Lionsgate has a massive film library with a few big television successes under its belt, including Mad Men and Weeds. Summit has a recognizable brand with its vampire series, giving Lionsgate another leg to stand on after three film flops — including Conan the Barbarian and Taylor Lautner's Abduction.

Apparently the duo have been in talks before, but price and control issues led to a stalemate. Summit's finances are private, but the studio has dropped a $1 billion-dollar figure before. Insiders say that price tag is more likely to read $250 million. Lionsgate has a $1 billion market cap. How that battle will play out is uncertain for now.

The time is ripe for a merger, with Summit's Twi craze coming to a close and Lionsgate a little weary after a few corporate shenanigans. You can read more about that on The Wrap. There's not much that should stop these two from courting one another and closing the deal. Strength in numbers, as they say. What potential problems or successes do you see in this venture?

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