Studio Green at the Gills Over Racy Shrek Shoot, and Green Hornet a Disaster?

Studio Green at the Gills Over Racy Shrek Shoot, and Green Hornet a Disaster?

Apr 14, 2010

Paramount Embarrassed Over Racy Shrek Photo Shoot One would’ve thought there’d be a better way to promote the upcoming Shrek sequel than by awkwardly photoshopping the characters next to half-naked Emo kids, some of which are sensually feeding the characters food. It’s all pretty freaky and not at all kid-friendly, and Paramount quickly said the execution did not match the idea VMan magazine pitched for the photo spread and they would have declined the characters’ involvement--although, wouldn’t you think someone from the studio would have seen this before it hit print? Kooky and kinky already kinda described the animated franchise (heck, there’s implied green ogre sex!), but maybe the studio didn’t want to come out and say it … literally.

Sigourney Weaver Says Cameron Needed Breasts to Win Oscar Because breasts have helped win Best Director Oscars many times before (except for the past 82 years), it makes total sense for Sigourney Weaver to come out and blame James Cameron’s loss on the fact that he doesn’t have breasts. Oh yes, she did. Psst, someone tell Cameron to stuff his bra the next time.

New Seth Rogen Movie Reportedly a Disaster Though it’s not due out until December, rumor already has it that Sony is calling Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet adaptation “a disaster,” saying it’s too campy and Rogen doesn’t look the part at all. We could’ve told you Rogen doesn’t really fit the costumed avenger role, but maybe the guy looks good in green. Could we try to give him that, at least?

Steven Seagal in Sex Slave Scandal Move over Steven Seagal: Lawman, and make room for Steven Seagal: Sex Slave Owner, so says Seagal’s 23-year-old former executive assistant Kayden Nguyen. In a new lawsuit, Nguyen claims not only that Seagal was drugging her and using her as “a sex toy,” but also that he held two Russian girls on staff – hired to perform sexual favors only. Seagal’s lawyer says the charges are “ridiculous” and “absurd,” though we just want to know why she’s not filing criminal charges instead of suing for over $1 million. Oh wait, maybe it’s because she’s lying.

Now Charlie Sheen is Cheating with a Lingerie Model Obviously 2010 has now become the year all celebrity men will cheat on their wives. First he beat up his wife, then he went to rehab, and now Charlie Sheen is enjoying the Celeb Scandal Trifecta after being accused of cheating on his wife with a lingerie model and sometimes-paid-escort. Sheen has been caught on several occasions allegedly visiting the model/escort while dressed in a dorky disguise that was as well put together as his other various lame excuses.

Jesse James' Mistress Apologizes to Sandra Bullock After realizing that people hate her more than adore her, Jesse James’ Nazi-lovin’ tattoo mistress Bombshell McGee dropped another bombshell in order to remain relevant by apologizing to Sandra Bullock, claiming she “got duped just like Sandra did.” So, yeah, I guess that’s another way of saying, “I’m sorry you’re an idiot, but I’m still gonna try to make some more money out of this.”

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