Taylor Lautner No Longer Headlining 'Stretch Armstrong' -- Is His Star Fading?

Taylor Lautner No Longer Headlining 'Stretch Armstrong' -- Is His Star Fading?

Jan 30, 2012

Universal has ditched their bendy toy adaptation, Stretch Armstrong — which really shouldn't shock you given their recent track record. The studio recently tightened the purse strings on several projects in the works, as you'll probably recall with At the Mountains of Madness and The Dark Tower. A reimagining of the toy-inspired movie has finally gotten the green light with Relativity, though. They're partnering with Hasbro to bring Stretch to the screen on April 11, 2014. You won't be seeing Twihunk Taylor Lautner as the flexible action hero, however.

Apparently, Universal had second thoughts when they saw the disastrous results of Lautner's other action vehicle, Abduction. They pulled the plug on Stretch, Relativity snatched it up, and Lautner is but a distant memory. Other people say the change is due to a scheduling conflict.

Lautner made room in his schedule for the big-budget remake, dropping out of superhero flick Max Steel and flying tale Northern Lights to work on Stretch, but his dance card still seems fairly full. We'll be seeing Lautner for Breaking Dawn Part 2 soon, and the actor is in pre-production on Incarceron — an adaptation of Catherine Fisher's 2007 sci-fi YA novel that takes place inside a futuristic prison. There was talk of him helping to produce the project as well.
With Lautner gone, is it safe to consider this a tiny hiccup in his post-Abduction and Twilight career? Or, is Lautner's star already fading after one failure under his belt and a lot to prove? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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