Watch: Animated Storyboards Give Us a Glimpse at How 'Stretch Armstrong' Would Have Looked on the Screen

Watch: Animated Storyboards Give Us a Glimpse at How 'Stretch Armstrong' Would Have Looked on the Screen

Nov 14, 2013

Stretch Armstrong toyHey, remember when they were seriously considering making a Stretch Armstrong movie with Taylor Lautner as the title character? Well, the disappointing box office returns for Lautner’s Abduction and the Battleship feature have apparently killed the project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t marvel at what might have been – and count your blessings that this thing never got past the early stages of development – with this animatic storyboard sequence from the unmade film.

What’s most interesting about the animatic -- created by James Rothwell, based on Collin Grant’s storyboards -- isn’t the bizarre imagery of an animated Lautner swinging through the city like Spider-Man (although seeing his arms stretch out in the sequence is pretty bizarre. I’m not convinced they’d have ever gotten this to look convincing in live action), it’s the inclusion of what appears to be other characters with superpowers of their own.

The clip is essentially an extended action set piece with Stretch squaring off against a series of bad guys with their own powers. There’s no context for why any of this is happening, but the clip does prove that Universal was set to go big with the film in hopes of launching an action franchise. There’s enough spectacle in the animatic (and a joke wherein kids are watching a Stretch Armstrong commercial as the real character blasts through their apartment) to put it on par with your typical Marvel movie. Would it have been good? We’ll never really know, but I have my doubts. Stretch Armstrong as a character was going to be a tough sell to millennials who never owned the toy.

Have a peek at the footage below and see what you think. Does this footage make you sad that the Stretch Armstrong film will almost assuredly never see the light of day (and if it does, it won’t be in this form) or do you think we all dodged a bullet when various economic influences converged to end this project once and for all?

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