Stop the Presses: A Showgirls Sequel, for Real?

Stop the Presses: A Showgirls Sequel, for Real?

Oct 07, 2009

  • Showgirls No-Girls In news currently rocking the world of gay men everywhere comes word of a Showgirls sequel to be made in Germany, involving a stripper who dies from contaminated cocaine and starring Rena Riffel, who reprises her small role as pole dancer Hope. We hear Lindsay Lohan could use a job.
  • Paranormal Activity Alien Activity Writer-director Oren Peli, whose Paranormal Activity has been shaking up audiences nationwide amid Blair Witch comparisons, announced his next project is starting production next week: Area 51, about three curious teenagers exploring the New Mexico Air Force base told in similar “found footage” style. Just when you thought Hollywood had no original ideas anymore!
  • John Cusack It’s the End of the World as We Know It Disaster got new meaning last week when Sony hijacked the airwaves hit all the major stations with a five-minute clip of the new disaster flick 2012. Apparently Roland Emmerich really, really hates California. And its governator.
  • Transformers 2 You’re Fired! Hollywood is starring in its own disaster movie of late, as big-studio bigwigs are getting the shown da door right and left. The L.A. Times ran a good piece on the shakeups, sadly noting we’re in for yet more dumbing-down at the multiplex.
  • Heath Ledger Is There a Doctor in the House? The long-awaited and pretty darn bitchin’ trailer for Heath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, is finally out. Terry Gilliam, you’ve been gone for too long.

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