Steven Spielberg Teases Possible "New Stories" From His Amblin Days

Steven Spielberg Teases Possible "New Stories" From His Amblin Days

Dec 17, 2015

The Terminal

News that Steven Spielberg has just formed a new company to produce movies might not sound of immediate general interest -- filmmakers create new companies for that purpose all the time -- but here's the part that's exciting. According to Spielberg, "I would never remake one of my own movies -- starting with Jaws -- but there are Amblin titles in the library that could inspire new stories that were made popular by the films.”

That possibility has been opened up because Amblin Partners, the company formed by Spielberg and Jeff Skoll (chairman of Participant Media, which focuses on socially-conscious movies) in partnership with Entertainment One (based in Canada) and Reliance (based in Mumbai), has entered into a distribution agreement with Universal Pictures, and Spielberg owns the titles that were made under the Amblin Entertainment label.

Spielberg says he'll soon be discussing the possibility of spinoff movies with the folks at Universal, though he stated: "There isn’t a single title that I’ve earmarked, but yes, I would like to." That doesn't stop us from dreaming, of course, so here are a few Amblin titles that we think could easily inspire "new stories."


The Goonies (1985)

Possibly the most obvious title is one that's been discussed the most since its release in 1985, at least as far as sequel possibilities are concerned. Everyone wants to know what's happening with the beloved young people who embarked on a fabulous underground adventure; a spinoff focusing on one or two of the characters could lead to a wonderful series of new movies.


*batteries not included (1987)

With several members of the original cast having passed away, a spinoff could start afresh with a new neighborhood in need of assistance from the extremely helpful little alien creatures who came to be known as the Fix-Its. Cowriters Brad Bird and Mick Garris are still active, along with director Matthew Robbins, and we'd love to see what they could come up with.


Casper (1995)

A big success upon its initial release, the movie inspired two direct-to-video prequels which are best forgotten. But a new spinoff could recapture the original's darker, more adult tone, following the friendly ghost as he takes on a new challenge with a new family. It would also benefit by advances in technology, which would upgrade the original's mixture of live-action and animation.


Small Soldiers (1998)

Joe Dante directed the original, which wasn't a monster hit but won many fans with its blend of action and comedy. Its darker tone would probably resonant better nowadays and we'd love to see a new film focusing on Christy Fimple, the character played by Kirsten Dunst; she could return, all grown-up, with her own family dealing with a new outbreak of killer toys.


Amblin was formed in 1981, so there are plenty of other movies that could serve as inspiration, not to forget the animated films and television shows that have been produced as well. Still, it's exciting to contemplate what new movies might be emerging from Spielberg's new partnership.

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