Steven Spielberg May Reboot 'Indiana Jones' with Chris Pratt

Steven Spielberg May Reboot 'Indiana Jones' with Chris Pratt

Feb 21, 2015

Update 2/20/15: According to a follow-up story on Deadline, Steven Spielberg is reportedly interested in directing a reboot of Indiana Jones starring Chris Pratt assuming the right script comes with it. There are no further details and no potential storylines cited, but the news does follow last month's word that Disney was interested in Pratt replacing Harrison Ford in what would amount to a franchise restart, giving Pratt the lead in not one (Guardians of the Galaxy), not two (Jurassic World), but three (Indiana Jones) prominent new franchises. 

Additionally, there's no word on whether Harrison Ford would be involved in any Indiana Jones reboot. Could he play Jones' dad? Could they reconfigure the story so that it ignores the original four movies, with Ford essentially playing the same character Sean Connery played in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? 

Lots of questions still need to be answered, but what this news does tell us is that Disney is antsy to reboot Indiana Jones, and that Steven Spielberg will most likely be involved with that reboot.


Back when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, all eyes were on Star Wars. And rightfully so, since the main reason Disney wanted the house George Lucas built was so that it could make a new trilogy (and then some). But that was far from the only lucrative property under Lucas' thumb. They also have one of the most beloved film characters of all time in the mix: Indiana Jones.

Since that acquisition, there have been quite a few rumors about a new Indiana Jones movie, but nothing solid has risen to the surface. Now there's a new rumor to throw in the mix, but this one is so obvious and logical that it may very well be true: Disney wants Chris Pratt to headline a new Indiana Jones franchise.

It is strictly a rumor at this point, as Deadline insists Disney won't comment so early in the process, but it makes sense. Disney put Pratt on the big-screen map with Guardians of the Galaxy, which in turn made Disney a ton of money. Pratt's got swashbuckling swagger and a great jawline, so he'd make sense as a hotshot archeologist who will risk life and limb to save artifacts.

Time will tell if that happens, but one thing is absolutely true: Disney will make a new Indiana Jones movie at some point. It's as inevitable as the sun rising. Until then, everything is big, big, big rumor. So do you want Chris Pratt? Or someone else?

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