Steven Spielberg Eyes Historical Epic 'Montezuma,' One of Hollywood's Legendary Unmade Scripts

Steven Spielberg Eyes Historical Epic 'Montezuma,' One of Hollywood's Legendary Unmade Scripts

Jan 06, 2014

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg recently announced that he was tabling his big-budget adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson novel Robopocalypse, but could the famous filmmaker have his eye on another high-profile project? According to Deadline, the answer is yes – and the property might surprise you.

The blog reports that Spielberg is seriously eyeing the rights to one of Hollywood’s most legendary unmade scripts – Dalton Trumbo’s Montezuma. The nearly 50-year-old screenplay is currently being reworked by screenwriter Steve Zaillian, and is an epic that tells the tale of Montezuma and Cortez’ relationship and the Spanish movement into Mexico.

Deadline posits the project could be retitled Cortez, since the rewrite will presumably focus more on the explorer (a part that has caught the eye of Javier Bardem) than the Aztec ruler. The story will obviously tie into history, beginning in roughly 1519 when Cortez and the Spanish entered Mexico. You can watch a documentary about Cortez that should give you an idea of what to expect below.

Given that Spielberg likes to take his time developing projects, it seems unlikely that Cortez would be his next film even if he does secure the rights to make it. Still, the idea of Spielberg reteaming with Zaillian (they previously worked on Schindler’s List) to craft another historical period film is very intriguing. Expect to hear lots more about this one in the coming weeks. 

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