Stephen King's Favorite Movies of 2011

Stephen King's Favorite Movies of 2011

Dec 09, 2011

Each year Stephen King skips over to Entertainment Weekly and drops his list of the best movies he watched during that year. In 2011 he changed things up slightly, and now instead of doing a straight movie-related list, he's including books, albums and TV shows, with Breaking Bad topping the entire list. Since this is, though, we pulled out his movie-related picks and included them below, highlighting two of his descriptions.

When it comes to King's choices, don't expect all horror movies, or all awards contenders. What we like about the author is that his selections reflect across-the-board tastes when it comes to his entertainment. Last year Jackass 3D and Kick-Ass were among his favorite movies of the year, and you may consider a few of his 2011 choices to be somewhat controversial as well -- like why did he include one track from the Attack the Block soundtrack and not the entire movie?

Hit up EW for King's entire Top 20 of 2011, and check out his film selections below.

17. Final Destination 5 - "The Destination movies are basically Road Runner cartoons with splatter, and this one, in cheerfully grisly 3-D, is the best since the first. The actors are wooden (they have that twenty-something polished look that fright flicks seem to specialize in), but you gotta love the eye-popping bridge-collapse sequence in the first 20 minutes. Not to mention the worst ­acupuncture session in the history of the world."
14. The Lincoln Lawyer
13. The Tree of Life
7. The Debt
2. Margin Call - "Here's the movie The Ides of March could have been. First-time director J.C. Chandor creates a tight and claustrophobic high-rise hell where high-flying business execs (Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore, and Kevin Spacey in the best performance of his career) face the looming stock-market crash of 2008. This film explains the causes and consequences of the historic meltdown — moral as well as financial — in ? 109 minutes. Of special note is the preternaturally handsome Zachary Quinto as the company newbie who discovers the ticking mortgage bomb is about to go off."

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