Flashback: Stephen King Reveals What Scares Him in His First-Ever Television Interview

Flashback: Stephen King Reveals What Scares Him in His First-Ever Television Interview

Jun 05, 2014

Stephen KingHorror author Stephen King is a household name these days – but once upon a time the master of the macabre was just another writer who wasn’t regularly on television and giving countless interviews. The following video, which we’re sharing today in celebration of this week’s release of King’s latest novel Mr. Mercedes, is actually the author’s first television interview. Yes, before King was hawking American Express cards, he sat down for this nearly 30-minute chat with Henry Nevison for a local show highlighting the work of distinguished graduates of the University of Maine.

The clip, which finds a young King waxing poetic about his work, his fears and the adaptations of his books for the screen (and looking an awful lot like his son Joe Hill looks today) is an entertaining peek at the author when his fame was still relatively new.

The thing that has always made King an interesting interview is how down-to-earth and approachable he seems – and we see that even way back in 1982. Some folks might find King a little creepy, but he’s also oddly charming and wickedly smart.

Keep an eye open for the clip’s most terrifying moment early on – King is a total "hunt and peck” typist, which is scary when you think he’s written 1,000-plus-page novels with essentially two fingers.


[via Open Culture]

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