Watch: Stephen Colbert Slams 'Green Lantern' and Movie Spoilers

Watch: Stephen Colbert Slams 'Green Lantern' and Movie Spoilers

Sep 07, 2011

Last night Stephen Colbert returned to the airwaves with a hilarious rant regarding that recent study that claims spoilers are irrelevant, and that people tend to enjoy a story more when they already know how it ends. Colbert begins by agreeing with the study -- saying he likes to read the endings to stories first so that he has more time to then watch television -- before going on to spoil the endings to a whole bunch of movies, and then the ending of your life (spoiler: you die).

His biggest slam comes toward the end when he talks about how the ending to this summer's Green Lantern really taught him that he'll never have those twelve dollars back, while text on the screen reads, "Even Power Ring Couldn't Generate Plot." His best advice: "Since we know how everything ends, we have two options: We can either worry or we can enjoy the show."


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