Watch the Absolutely Ridiculous Opening Scene From 'Step Up Revolution'

Watch the Absolutely Ridiculous Opening Scene From 'Step Up Revolution'

Jul 16, 2012

Dance movies like the Step Up franchise are easy to make fun of without ever having even seen them because they all seem like they're about the same thing: A dude with ridiculous abs must lead a ragtag dance crew to save the rec center and impress a girl in the process. And to be fair, that's pretty much what all dance movies are about, but interchangeable plots aside, the Step Up franchise consistently delivers a level of spectacle that we think is just as impressive as some of the stuff coming out of superhero movies these days. Heck, it might even be more impressive considering it's actual people putting on the show and not CGI.

Sure, it's just dancing, but the choreography in a dance movie can be just as complex as, say, the fighting in a kung fu movie. There's a very human, very physical element to these types of films, so while it's easy to laugh them off, haters are missing out on some truly creative and fantastical physical feats.

Case in point, the opening scene to Step Up Revolution. It may only be three minutes long, but you'd be surprised how much crazy director Scott Speer can pack into three minutes.

Go ahead. Tell us this isn't fun. Cheesy? Oh yes, but that's just another reason we love it.

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