PSA: Starz's 800+ Movies Drop From Netflix This Week

PSA: Starz's 800+ Movies Drop From Netflix This Week

Feb 27, 2012

Last September it was revealed that Starz would not be signing a 2012 contract with Netflix, the cable network's justification for turning down the streaming service's $200 million renewal offer being that it was already profitable without providing its film and television library to non-Starz subscribers. Well, streaming junkies, the time has come. The previous contract was good through February of 2012, which means that as of March 1st, all 840 of the films and TV episodes available on Netflix as part of their Starz deal will vanish.

So, if you've been browsing through Netflix recently and thought, "I should watch that soon," you may want to check TV and Movies Now's list of all of the titles to make sure the ones you've been eyeing aren't part of the Starz Play package. If they are, you now have two days to hit play, otherwise you'll have to head into a brick and mortar store like some kind of analog heathen to watch them-- or you can use the actual DVD side of Netflix, though who really uses that any more?

Again, click here for a full (and fully sortable) list of soon-to-be-extinct titles. 

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