Start Your Day with This Adorable Marriage Proposal Movie Trailer

Start Your Day with This Adorable Marriage Proposal Movie Trailer

May 18, 2011

Some of the most creative marriage proposals come from movie nerds because they're so experienced when it comes to watching Hollywood manipulate our emotions through film, making us laugh, cry, scream and so on. Awhile back a guy named Cory Goldfeder rented a theater for a special screening of Back to the Future and surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal by editing himself into the film (watch the video here). It was one of the more adorable movie-related proposals I had ever seen (mainly because BTTF is one of my favorite movies of all time), and that trend continues today with yet another ultra sweet marriage proposal by way of a movie trailer.

What happened was this one dude shot a trailer that was all about him asking his girlfriend's father for permission to marry her, as well as asking her to marry him too. He convinced the local theater to play the trailer during the previews before a screening of Fast Five. So, right after the trailer for The Hangover 2 (let's hope his bachelor party goes better than the one in that film), his trailer began to play. Check out the video of it at the link below, complete with the trailer that screened and a live reaction from his girlfriend as she watches. If this doesn't start your day off with a good tearjerk, then we haven't done our job dammit!


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