Plastic Galaxy: The Feature Documentary on the History of 'Star Wars' ... Toys!

Plastic Galaxy: The Feature Documentary on the History of 'Star Wars' ... Toys!

Apr 16, 2012

There is no shortage of documentation regarding the conception, creation, artistry, and cultural impact of the Star Wars movies -- and that's a good thing indeed. A franchise as impactful and beloved (and controversial) as this one deserves its fair share of books, debates, featurettes, and documentary films -- and I'm sure there are more to come. 

But what of the more tangential aspects of the Star Wars universe? I bet someone could make a fine documentary about the brief but powerful cultural crater delivered by the Star Wars TOYS! Don't believe me? Think I'm nuts? Fine, but coming from a guy who used to own at least 50 UNIQUE action figures from the years between 1978 and 1984 ... I cannot wait to see Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys. Here's a quick teaser:


You can read a little more about this obviously fan-friendly project over at Geek Trooper (plus they get a twitter plug for being helpful), and you could also give the filmmakers a hand by checking out their Kickstarter page. (Check out their t-shirt designs!) Right now it looks like the film will be available in August of this year. And a round of geeky kudos to director Brian Stillman for thinking of this doco idea before I did. Seriously, I used to worship at the altar of Kenner!

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