Nerd Watch: Hardcore 'Star Wars' Villain Fan Tattoo Rocks

Nerd Watch: Hardcore 'Star Wars' Villain Fan Tattoo Rocks

Jul 01, 2011

Bazillions of movie geeks have taken the tattoo plunge by engraving their bodies with ink that depicts their favorite film memories, scenes, and characters. The Star Wars fan base, however, holds the record for the uberest of all uber nerdy tats. The now 34-year-old film favorite has inspired the best and worst skin inscriptions – for every badass Vader there are three shoddily drawn Death Stars that look like charred Frisbees. This is why it's important to take notice of the better looking of the bunch – especially when a Homo Sapien of the female persuasion (gasp!) gets geeky with a hardcore tattoo. 

Lisa from Vancouver, Canada thought she'd secure a position as most-wanted woman in the galaxy by covering her arm in a Star Wars villain-themed tat, courtesy of artist Mitch Kirilo. The entire sleeve stretches from her elbow to her sarlacc pit. Check it out below.

[via: Furious Fanboys]

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