'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek': See Who Wins in a Battle of Technological Supremacy

'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek': See Who Wins in a Battle of Technological Supremacy

Apr 11, 2014

Star Trek vs Star Wars infographicIt’s the nerd debate that’s been waging for decades – which series is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? While we may never have a definitive answer (I like both – as long as we’re talking the original trilogy and the original Trek), this new infographic posted over at the Geek Twins breaks down the technology of the two franchises in excellent detail.

From phasers vs. lightsabers, to the Death Star and Borg Cube, this spiffy visual chart leaves no stone unturned in its quest to compare the technological achievements of Star Fleet and the Galactic Empire. For example, did you know that the Death Star’s Alderaan-crushing beam of destruction is 20 billion trillion megatons of power? How about the fact that Boba Fett’s Slave-1 was actually more powerful than the Enterprise?

Nerdy nuggets like this abound in the sharply designed graphic – which eventually concludes what Star Wars geeks have been saying for years: the United Federation of Planets is no match for the Galactic Empire. Somehow, we doubt this will really settle the debate.

Check out the full infographic below. 

Star Wars vs. Star Trek
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