The Second 'Star Wars' Spin-off Movie Goes to 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank

The Second 'Star Wars' Spin-off Movie Goes to 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank

Jun 04, 2014

Disney and Lucasfilm have been talking about doing a number of Star Wars spin-off movies for quite a while now, causing fans everywhere to speculate about characters like Boba Fett and Yoda getting their own movies. Not long ago it was revealed that the first of these movies would be directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) and written by Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli), and now we've got confirmation that another one will be directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle).

Disney has not revealed what or who the movie will be about, so we'll just pick apart this quote from the announcement:

"We're thrilled to welcome Josh into the family," says Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. "He is such an incredible talent and has a great imagination and sense of innovation. That makes him perfectly suited to Star Wars, and for this new slate of movies that reach beyond the core characters and storylines of Episodes I through IX."

What's worth noting there is that these stand-alone movies will be pulling in characters from the entire Star Wars saga, not just the new trilogy. And that means fans may finally, finally get that Jar Jar Binks origin story they've been demanding for so long. (We kid, we kid.)

As for Trank, the announcement makes sure to mention that he is still directing The Fantastic Four at Fox, which will understandably occupy his time for at least the next year or so, meaning that whatever this new Star Wars movie is, it's probably a ways away. So for those who need to update their calendars, that means we now have five confirmed Star Wars movies on the horizon. So hopefully you don't get tired of going back to a galaxy far, far away.





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