J.J. Abrams' Second 'Star Wars' Set Video Brings Back Two Familiar Hunks of Metal

J.J. Abrams' Second 'Star Wars' Set Video Brings Back Two Familiar Hunks of Metal

Jul 21, 2014

The first time J.J. Abrams cracked the lid on his Mystery Box for Star Wars: Episode VII, fans unilaterally went nuts. Even the ones who have been rooting for it to fail (or seemingly so, at least, considering how much they complain) could get behind a fun-looking, practical alien that was wandering around the set behind the director. Since then, however, we haven't really had too much official from the world of Star Wars. Sure, there have been set pics and random casting announcements, but nothing super official.

Until today, when we got our second set video from Abrams.

Once again, this video is part of a charitable endeavor to support UNICEF (donate to their campaign for chances to win Star Wars-related things, including a set visit), and once again it contains proof that Abrams is building some impressive props to put into his surely CGI-heavy movie. This time around, however, those props are a little more familiar.

We've got a full-scale X-Wing and its pilot, as well as the little black droid that swerves all over the place and beeps. If you ever played Dark Forces back in the day, how hard is it to not instinctively want to shoot that little guy and collect his batteries?

Meanwhile, if you're hungry for unofficial Star Wars news, Badass Digest thinks it knows what the general premise of Episode VII will be. The website's description isn't super spoilery, as we imagine any of this stuff would be included in the trailers, but if you plan on knowing nothing about the film - true or not - don't click this link.





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