Today's Biggest 'Star Wars' Rumors: Casting Scoops, Lando's Future and the 'Millennium Falcon' Returns

Today's Biggest 'Star Wars' Rumors: Casting Scoops, Lando's Future and the 'Millennium Falcon' Returns

Dec 02, 2013

Lando Calrissian

We don’t really know a whole lot of details about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating and rumor mongering on a daily basis. Since we love a good rumor as much as the next movie geek, we come bearing gifts today in the form of all the newest insider gossip about the highly anticipated movie.

Most of the latest scoops come from Jedi News source Jedi Master SQL. Not sure how on the money Jedi Master’s track record is, but he does apparently have some access to the production. He won’t give away plot details, but he does offer up some intriguing tidbits about what’s going on behind the scenes.

For starters, the source reveals some new info about how the returning members of the original cast might be used. Here’s what he had to say about Mark Hamill and company:

“It would not surprise me if they did not all come back for Episode VII but maybe came back at varying points in the new trilogy. The script will determine their status, but the script must be story driven, and if the natural story includes them all I will be ecstatic – but I don’t want a script to be written to ACCOMMODATE them all. If they are back, it must be of substance.”

Jedi Master (really wish this guy had given himself a better handle) then goes on to add that everyone involved is keenly interested in creating a way for Lando Calrissian to return. It seems everyone loves Billy Dee Williams, which isn’t a big surprise.

Talk eventually shifts to casting, with the source revealing some of the actresses who they’ve looked at:

“Just this past two weeks I have heard the names of Emmanuelle Chriqui, Alexis Dziena, and Taissa Farmiga all linked with roles – all exceptionally talented actresses. Whether any of them are cast is still unknown, but if you consider the quality of the people they are looking at – you can see the quality of the effort.”

If that weren’t enough, a new rumor over at Yahoo claims a life-size Millennium Falcon has already been built for the movie. Turns out, it’s every bit as awesome as we suspected.

“A full-scale 1:1 Millennium Falcon has been built as well as the interiors of the ship for filming. The Falcon is done - inside and out. The sets were built off-site, ready to move when Lucasfilm/Bad Robot were ready to move into Pinewood."

How amazing is that? As website points out, this is a pretty smart move financially. The Falcon will surely be part of not only Episode VII, but the subsequent sequels – plus it can be used if they get around to making that Han Solo spin-off/origin film. That’s great and all, but the best part is the simple fact that a life size Millennium Falcon now exists. Jesus, how awesome is that?

We don’t know how any of this will pan out in the end, but half the fun of these new Star Wars movies is speculating what direction they’ll take. 


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