'Star Wars Rebels' Series Inspired by Ralph McQuarrie Art; May Also Be Tied to Future 'Star Wars' Movies

'Star Wars Rebels' Series Inspired by Ralph McQuarrie Art; May Also Be Tied to Future 'Star Wars' Movies

May 21, 2013

We told you the other day that Disney has taken its first step into the Star Wars animated world by announcing a new series called Star Wars Rebels, which premieres later this year. What makes this unlike any other animated Star Wars programs is that it takes place between Episodes III and IV, allowing animators to play in a space very similar to that of the original trilogy. In this new video, Pablo Hidalgo and executive producer Dave Filoni discuss the new show, noting that much of it is inspired by the iconic concept art Ralph McQuarrie worked on for the original trilogy. The image above is one they point out in the video below, teasing the very familiar--and very epic--space battles still to come.

Additionally, Filoni, who teases the entire show by sitting in front of a lone TIE fighter, says they're collaborating with writer Simon Kinberg on the series, which is important because Kinberg is not only assisting on the script for Star Wars: Episode VII, but he's also in charge of his own stand-alone Star Wars movie. Could that stand-alone movie be born out of this animated series? 

While we haven't seen too much of Disney's overall plan for the Star Wars franchise moving forward, so far we're really liking what we have seen. It feels like those chains tying everyone to the prequels have been cut off, allowing the creatives at LucasFilm to really dive back into the original trilogy and have some fun. Of course it's always dangerous to play with characters and a universe so near and dear to the hearts of millions, but so far so good. 

Here's some more McQuarrie art. Just seeing it gets us all giddy about this new animated series. What about you?

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