Cut Down Your Enemies with this 'Star Wars' Lightsaber Candy from Japan

Cut Down Your Enemies with this 'Star Wars' Lightsaber Candy from Japan

Jul 16, 2013

Star Wars Pocky

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible Star Wars merchandise tie-in, something new comes along and blows your mind. The latest product to align itself with Disney and LucasFilm’s Star Wars empire? Pocky.

In retrospect, we’re stunned that this didn’t happen sooner – after all, the traditional stick-like shape of the tasty Japanese treat already looks like a lightsaber. It didn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that placing the flavored, biscuit-like snacks in a Star Wars-themed box was a good way to make money.

And that’s what’s finally happened, as Pocky makers Glico have teamed up with LucasFilms to give snack fans and movie nerds something to gush over in unison.

As this unboxing video (yes, we’ve reached the point where people are making unboxing videos for snack items) shows, the Pocky comes in two different packages. One sports a Luke Skywalker theme for all you lame-o Rebel Alliance lovers out there, while the other (much cooler) box features Darth Vader. I guess we should be thankful this video exists, because most Star Wars nerds will buy these things and let them sit on a shelf unopened for the next 50 years to preserve their “collector’s value.”

Each box comes with six sticks (two each of strawberry, grape and green-tea flavors), individually wrapped in the Star Wars-themed packaging. You can see this in the video below, as well as what happens when a giant-sized Pocky lightsaber meets a more traditionally sized version of the snack. It’s not pretty. No word on whether striking down an original sized Pocky makes it stronger than you can possibly imagine, but we're guessing not. 

[via Design Taxi]


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