J.J. Abrams Tweets 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Photo from On Board the 'Millennium Falcon'

J.J. Abrams Tweets 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Photo from On Board the 'Millennium Falcon'

Jun 04, 2014

This week has been chock-full of images from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, reportedly leaked to TMZ, which has posted upwards of 80 or 90 images from both exterior and interior sets, including a still-under-construction Millennium Falcon. While fans questions whether the leaks were intentional or not, we may have received a tiny clue today in the form of an official tweet from J.J. Abrams' production company's account, Bad Robot, along with a message from J.J. himself.


The note reads: "I wish people would stop leaking photos from Episode VII. And making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie."

So does the joke at the end mean the leaks were intentional, or is J.J. just trying to laugh it off? At this point does it really matter? We knew the Millennium Falcon would return because what's Han Solo gonna fly around in? The image tweeted today further confirms its appearance, with the note from J.J. resting atop the iconic holographic chess set (aka Dejarik board) featured in A New Hope.

Remember this scene?

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters on December 18, 2015. The good news is that if Abrams and his team are leaking the images, they'll make sure to give us just enough to whet our appetites without spoiling the entire movie. As a fan, that's what you hope for... right?

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