'Star Wars' Nerd-Out: Own a Giant AT-ST Walker, Plus: Han Solo Discovered in Carbonite on Mercury

'Star Wars' Nerd-Out: Own a Giant AT-ST Walker, Plus: Han Solo Discovered in Carbonite on Mercury

Sep 23, 2013

Star Wars AT-ST lifesize modelWe love Star Wars  around these parts, so what better way to kick off the week than with some cool news about stuff related to George Lucas’ epic series? Hey, at least it’s not more stories about secret meetings for Episode VII casting, right?

First up, if you ever wanted to own your very own Imperial AT-ST scout walker to lay siege to Hoth (or your neighbor’s backyard), you’re in luck. An eBay auction is currently underway for a gigantic replica of one of the iconic creations immortalized in The Empire Strikes Back – and it can be yours for a measly $16,000... provided you can get it home from England.

Made of wood and metal, this 16-foot-tall re-creation comes with its very own trailer for easy transport, but can also be taken off the trailer with ease so you can display it however you’d like. This behemoth was built to withstand the harshness of Hoth’s climate, so it’s A-OK to store inside or out – and would make a totally awesome conversation piece at your next family get together. Crack open that checkbook and get bidding. [via Gizmodo]

ALSO: Han Solo Discovered in Carbonite on Mercury

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft snapped a photo of the surface of Mercury last week – and if you look off to the right, you might notice something that looks an awful lot like Han Solo encased in Carbonite. Has Jabba been hiding him here all this time? Is there a Sarlacc pit on Mercury too? Come on, science – we need answers! [via Mashable]

Han Solo on Mercury



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