Here's One Mistake George Lucas Failed to Fix on the 'Star Wars' Blu-ray

Here's One Mistake George Lucas Failed to Fix on the 'Star Wars' Blu-ray

Mar 08, 2012

There was much celebrating after it was announced that all six Star Wars movies would be heading to Blu-ray. Once fans found out George Lucas was tinkering with the movies yet again -- adding in extra lines where they weren't needed, or extra effects to a scene that was just fine beforehand -- naturally fans weren't happy. But everyone still got their precious little Star Wars films in beautiful Blu-ray format, and those original movies have never looked prettier. Because now we can see everything ... and we mean everything.

Apparently the picture on the Blu-ray set is so sharp that it's now picking up small mistakes that, for one reason or another, Lucas didn't feel the need to correct. Like this one, from the first Star Wars, during the battle of Yavin. Several fans have pointed out that in one shot of Darth Vader, you can now see through his mask to David Prowse's eyes. Perhaps it doesn't matter since Vader -- or Anakin -- still had his eyes behind the mask, though this image definitely takes away some of the mystique of the character, eliminating a certain amount of the fear his presence brings to the screen. A villain like Vader isn't as scary when we can see his eyes. He just isn't. But maybe we should just be quiet before Lucas decides to do any more tinkering. 

Nothing to see here. Move along.

[via Furious Fanboys]

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