Nerd Watch: Sexy Star Wars Nudescapes

Nerd Watch: Sexy Star Wars Nudescapes

Jun 14, 2011

Designer/illusionist/all around dude Homer Liwag became interested in photography after receiving a Nikon D100 in early 2003. The Padawan photographer was hooked and began to create a series of Star Wars nudescapes, using human flesh as the intergalactic planetary bodies for miniature figures to roam. Backs, buttocks, and bellies have transformed into vast landscapes for R2-D2 and little Jawas to dwell the meaning of their existential (and literal) space. But let's be honest, the photographer's greatest feat is to unite the naked female form with Star Wars action figures -- a geek's wet dream.

It makes sense that Liwag would create images to trick the eye -- he has an interesting history in the world of magic. Find out more on his website, but not before you revel in the fleshy photos below.

[via Buzzfeed]

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