Off Screen: 'Star Wars' Kinect Lets You Destroy Tatooine as a Rancor

Off Screen: 'Star Wars' Kinect Lets You Destroy Tatooine as a Rancor

Aug 18, 2011

Welcome to Off Screen, a new feature that follows up on big screen characters in other media, be they comics, books, TV shows or video games. 

There hasn't been a whole ton of positive buzz surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Kinect game, though that's about to change since it's been revealed that the game will also include a Rancor Rampage mode. Finally, a Star Wars game that not only allows you to play as a Rancor -- smashing and stomping your way through entire cities -- but you can also score points for eating and throwing people. How awesome is that? Plus the game footage (see below) doesn't look half bad.

Just don't get too excited, because if Lucasfilm sees marketing potential in the Rancor, you'll see a lovable talking Rancor as a character on Clone Wars next season, as well as plush dolls lining the shelves in no time.


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